FBFs x-clamation 76x
ASA#: 2575991
Sire: SVF Steel Force S701
Dam: THSF MS Liberty S600
FBFs xtravegant 053x
ASA#: 2541263
Sire: JS Sure Bet 4T
Dam: SVF Star Struck S199
FBFs zalika 043z
ASA#: 2644971
Sire: FBFS Wheel Man 649W
Dam: THSF MS Liberty S600
FBFs y not me 084y
ASA#: 2600208
Sire: SVF Stonehenge R95
Dam: FBFS Slacks Better 047S
ACA#: 303299 (1CA)
ASA#: 2687072
Sire: FBF Fully Stocked 8139 150L (AN13891202)
Dam: FBF Mabeline (PCA P  296752)
19.628% Chi
ACA#: 354373 (2CA)
Sire: FBF Turning Point 514T (1CA P 334277)
Dam: FBF Sally 115S (2CA P 318896)
16.197% Chi



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